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Does my sexuality make your respectability uncomfortable?

We all know why the conservatives want to erase my queerness, so why are we still talking about “no kink at Pride” in our LGBTQ+ communities? #kinkbelongsatpride #BDSM

There is no closet big enough to hold this “dyke on a bike,” when I put on my leather chaps and ride with a hottie straddling me and my hog at the front of the Pride parade. My sexuality includes relationships with people of all genders, BDSM, and leather. As a queer, bi woman, Prides have been places to find community, to learn about my identity, to wear my leather gear; and, yes, I make out with as many women, and everyone else, as humanly possible!

Many have offered the history of kink at Pride better than I will: them. and GayStarNews and The MarySue.

Where I enter this conversation is at the intersection of community organizing and resiliency. You and I deserve respect for our being no matter how we enjoy sex, love, and play. That’s a basic human right. Stripping away our sexuality, which may include fetish and BDSM, is the goal of the oppressors. They want us to be small and afraid. Of course, this impacts our happiness and how we relate in the world.

And, y’all, just because Deutsche Bank (thank you, SNL!) rainbow washes their capitalism to buy floats in the parade, LGBTQ+ folx have a long road ahead to full equality and inclusion around the world.

When I dream of how we overcome all the phobias and isms, I see sexual and gender expressions as key ingredients in the movement. As LGBTQ+, we organize and connect around who we love and how we show up. We liberate ourselves together by creating space to be our full selves - especially at Pride. We have sexual joy and fun, and those are necessary for resiliency.

So, this Pride season, go thank the leather Daddy and Goddesses at Pride. We are there to express our full selves so we can create a society that respects all of us! And please have a few laughs with these fabulous clapbacks. Laughter creates resiliency. Mel Woods at Xtra has the roundup of “no kink at pride” clapbacks and here are last year’s clapbacks at PinkNews.

And please join freeQ this Saturday, May 29 at 8:30 PM EST for our one-year birthday celebration for the Queer Dance Naked Party and again on June 2 at 8 PM EST for a FREE Pride Celebration “freeQ loves you,” where we will definitely talk kink!

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