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Meet Killsey Van HellSin! Are you ready to learn rope?!

Why does the world need rope events?

Killsey Van HellSin: I feel as though the world really needs rope right now, in any capacity, but that it also needs new ways of facilitating connection. My upcoming performance series with freeQ is a way of fostering a sense of community while sharing the art form I've fallen in love with. I hope to share my love for rope and my unique creations through these workshops and performances, and to encourage that you can form an incredible bond and safe space with yourself or someone else through exploring rope together.

What inspired you to create the rope events for freeQ audiences?

Killsey Van HellSin: I'm inspired to create performances that leave the audience with a sense of divine beauty, almost awe, that show the most raw and vivid parts of being a human. I'm also a huge believer in balance in all aspects of life, so that's frequently a theme in my private rope scenes as well as in my public performances. I believe rope is a tool of transformation and transcendence with the ability to make us into something completely new every time we interact with it, and this is the kind of energy I do my best to bring to performances. My academic background in Medieval and Renaissance Studies also frequently appears in my ropework and my spirituality in a very in-depth way. My next performance on March 25th is a combination between self-tying and traditional theatrical escape acts, set to a very personal collection of curated songs about witchcraft. This performance is titled "Burn the Witch" and represents the tenacious ways in which women persevere and thrive in the face of the patriarchy.

Why does it matter for LGBTQ+ and sex-positive people to access this event?

Killsey Van HellSin: It matters for LGBTQ+ and sex-positive folks to have access to these events because rope offers a unique method of connecting with ourselves and other people. Due to the pandemic, we can't share these experiences in person, but the feeling of community that can be fostered through learning together or watching a performance together is a necessary balm for the soul right now. Why did you select freeQ as your event partner?

Killsey Van HellSin: My dear friend and fellow performer Rhapsody Blue (check out Babes & Bubbles here on freeQ!) put me in touch with the amazing Sarah Massey, and the rest is history! I really wanted to find an online space where I could recreate (as closely as possible) the performance experience I was able to give my audiences before COVID-19. I really enjoy the fact that there's a lot of interactivity with my audience through freeQ, and that's exciting for me as an artist and workshop facilitator. freeQ also makes me feel as though I'm working with individuals who share my common goal and who genuinely enjoy the content I make, which is really rewarding.

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