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Private Space Online is Sexy with Toni of Women of Drummer!

Please check out our freeQcast on Spotify:

freeQ gives you a platform to meet new people and connect with audiences everywhere in the world. freeQ wants to facilitate your ability to bring in new people in fun ways.

Do you have an idea for an event you would like to throw? Please fill in and let us know!

Want to know more about how we encourage consent, great hosts, shared community standards to deliver the safest spaces that we possibly can in a virtual world? Listen to this fabulous interview with Toni of Women of Drummer on the freeQcast!

We get to talk to Toni, of Women of Drummer, about her organization, how she stalked Sarah Massey, and all the love that freeQ has for her and her group at

Online play and joy are important. freeQ offers safer events video tech with more privacy and security, so we can liberate ourselves as LGBTQ+ and sex-positive people online. Sex is pleasure and sex is natural!

Learn more about Women of Drummer on FB:

Please tune in and support our corresponding Patreon campaign for freeQ's brand new freeQcast.

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