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The future (of work) is queer!

Leading the Way on LGBTIQ People's Inclusion: The Private Sector Experience

In early February 2022, freeQ's CEO Sarah Massey had the special opportunity to address the global LGBTQ+ organizing community about how to make the world of work safer for queers and how employers can stop rainbow washing for Pride with the United Nations, ILGA World, and the Queer Youth Dialogues. What you might not know about Sarah Massey is that she used to be the Director of Communications for the National LGBTQ Task Force, the USA's oldest LGBTQ+ rights organization. Sarah Massey also holds to public policy degrees, which inform her ability to answer these questions for freeQ and for engaging the broader organizing movement.

The short story is we still have a long way to go to achieve full inclusivity at work:

  • Our workplaces reflect the greater social reality that LGBTQ+ people are still oppressed and marginalized.

  • The forces of capitalism create an incentive for profitability and exploitation before full equality.

  • Governments and LGBTQ+ leaders must to step up to create impactful change, that's why we still have Pride marches, and that's why entrepreneurs like Sarah Massey and Riley Lamey at freeQ are developing great work for queers.

Are you an employer or company that wants to do better with DEI employment and Pride celebrations? Get it touch! Team freeQ would love to help you! Check out these videos and email:

Check out the video from the event here to view and hear global voices of change!

Sarah Massey expanded on her notes for the United Nations here and you can watch.

And, apparently when you address the global community, you get a really cool letter!



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