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The Triad: Working Out the Kinks on Negotiating

No limits is not a thing! Great kink means great communication.

Do you know the art of negotiating when it comes to expressing your kink needs and desires? Goddess Tara shares with you her introductory conversations checklist for potential play mates below.

What would you add to your checklist to communicate in kink, BSDM, and fetish play?

In order to have a safer and risk-aware consensual kink (RACK) play date, I review communication, safety, and specific types of play with my play partners. Safety is sexy! - Goddess Tara


Safe words and language

Relationship dating styles Other partner agreements

Play date schedule capacity and expectations

Love languages

Health and safety:

STI / STD check ins

Injuries, other physical factors to be made aware of

Aftercare needs

Bruises, marks

Play specifics:


Time and schedule



Punishment and rewards


What would you add?

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