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Killsey Van HellSin (she/they/he)

Killsey Van HellSin (she/they/he)

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Killsey Van HellSin (she/they/he)
Jun 26, 2021
In PrideFest Performers & Artists
Hello dear PrideFest attendees! I just wanted to take a few moments of your time to give you a little more info about who I am, what I do, and where you can find more of my work. I use my background in Medieval and Renaissance Studies to bring many flavours of the esoteric and occult past to my burlesque, sideshow, and rope bondage performances. I seek to elevate queer bodies and experiences through my art, and I truly believe that kink is an artistic representation of Divinity in the flesh. I also emphasize the spiritual aspects of kink through symbolism and styling. My experiences as a Celtic Norse Pagan are evident in the ways I interpret rope and kink as well. This reflects how Christianity often co-opted Pagan imagery and symbolism, and how I believe that it's very powerful for out queer and pagan artists to utilize that imagery which was used to oppress in an uplifting way instead. I'm including two of my favourite photos from the last professional photoshoot I did before the pandemic with two very dear friends of mine that I feel capture the essence of my art. Photo credit to Dream Love Grow Media. Come join me on social media for more sensual rope and kink education: Twitter: @AxeBondage Instagram: @battle.axe.bandb Facebook: Killsey Van HellSin, Wild Witch Wellness Tips welcome at
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