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freedom for Queers


freeQ  FAQ

Having tech problems? Please reach out to our helpdesk at or submit a ticket at

How to be a fabulous freeQ


Click on the event link and you’ll be connected to the pre-event space, a ‘waiting room’ where you can set everything up as you like before joining the live event. 




Please take a moment and:


  • Enter your name and pronouns in the white box.

  • Make sure your mic and camera are working as expected.  If you’re in a noisy environment, please consider muting your mic before joining the event.  (No worries, you can unmute and remute it as needed during the event!)

  • If your mic and/or camera are refusing to work, click on the padlock icon at the left side of your browser’s address bar and make sure mic and camera access are allowed. 

  • Optional: Pick one of our backgrounds or upload one of your own.

All set?  Click ‘Join event’!


At the bottom of the screen is a menu bar that lets you:


  • Turn your mic or camera on and off.

  • Open and close the chat window.

  • ‘Raise your hand’ to let the moderator(s) know you’d like to say something.

  • Switch the display between tile and filmstrip modes.


Who are these other freeQ's?


  • If you’re in filmstrip mode, the spotlighted (main) freeQ’s name is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

  • To see anyone else’s name, hover over their frame.

  • Want to send someone a private message?  Click on the three dots on their frame for the private message option.


Getting your freeQ on is super easy but hey, hiccups happen sometimes, right?  Some common problems and their easy fixes are:  


  • Forgot to enter your name on the pre-event screen or you made a typo?  Hover over your video frame, click on the text, and enter the correct info.

  • Is one person a bit too loud?  Click on the three dots on their frame and adjust their volume without affecting anyone else’s.

  • Still having trouble?  Look for someone with a crown on their frame -- this means they’re a moderator.  Send them a private message and they’ll be happy to help you out!

Now go be fabulous!


Early Adopter: how to get online and create a meeting space:


Please check our Tech Manual  here

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