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You are Invited to my Birthday Suit Birthday Party!

You are invited to my birthday party on Saturday, Feb 6, 2021, at 8:30 PM EST online. For the first time ever, my birthday party will be held on a brand new live events technology (not Zoom!) that my fabulous tech partner, CloudWing, and I built for LGBTQ, sex-positive people, and our allies. That’s you! It’s the online video Joy Platform by Joie De Vivre. I would love to see you at the Queer Dance Naked Party Saturday. The $15 ticket price supports DJ Darien Sounds and our tech. If this is a tough time, no worries, please respond to me to get a free promo code. And, if you are experiencing financial boon, yay! Please consider purchasing gift tickets for others. This is an add-on we created and it’s amazing to see so many generous supporters! Thank you. Everyone attending needs to have a ticket for reading and agreeing to the house rules and to get registered on the Joy Platform. Here is more about what is our Queer Dance Naked Party: More on the Joy Platform and the future: We usually have dress up and undress, Champagne, chocolate, bands, DJs, dancing, love, laughter for my birthday celebrations. We created the Joy Platform so that we can do all that (and more!) without the AI surveillance and censorship concerns of commercial tech. As a queer woman, I experience traditional tech dynamics as unfriendly, at best, and sometimes overtly hostile to queer expression and queer bodies. The Joy Platform creates community resiliency online through pleasure activism: Our business model is similar to a theater or queer nightclub that offers an online space with box office, our queer and sex-positive partners book and program the space, and we share earnings. We are about to roll out The Positive Force subscription program with LGBTQ artists from three continents with offerings like Naked Poetry, selfie photography, and cooking classes for a monthly fee. The Joy Platform is about to announce a kink conference and we also offer licensing options for private events. Safer play at home is harm reduction and community maintenance: Real talk: I’m turning 47. The AIDS/HIV epidemic impacted my baby queer years. I remember the pain, death, and disconnection. When COVID arrived, I was worried our communities would miss the care we invest in each other. We are creating fun at home play and learning spaces. While nothing can replace IRL, connecting, seeing, and playing online together safely can be comforting and sustaining. We envision a new future for LGBTQ people, sex-positive folx, our allies, and everyone: Our dream is offering pleasure, joy, and contentment in a safer online environment. Safer in that we don’t censor, we will never share our users’ data, and we ask every user to bring their best self to the platform. Let’s center sexuality, kink, self expression, and creativity for resiliency. Our dream is collective liberation; and, as such, we believe queer people, those of us living outside the societal binary constructs around gender and sexuality, those of us coming out and living out loud, are the future makers. And right now, we need the dreamers and creators more than ever. Let’s thrive together.

Love, Sarah Massey

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