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digital security: your data at freeQ

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

freeQ wants to be a different type of tech company. We respect you. We believe your information is yours and not ours. freeQ uses data to operate, but we do not collect your data or monitor you in order to sell it. freeQ is #queertech built for us, by us. #LGBTQ #LGBTQevents

freeQ's data pledge to you: freeQ will never sell your data. You pay for our services, and that is how we create earnings. freeQ sells tickets and sells licenses for the freeQ system.

Will freeQ advertise to you in the future? Maybe. We are young and still figuring out the model.

Right now, freeQ uses a number of off-the-shelf tech products to operate: Mailchimp, google, Wix. These are the primary tools we use for communications with you. This website is on Wix, and that is the tool we use to process your tickets purchases, which we use as a verification. freeQ also uses Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and google to reach audiences. All of these services use cookies to track some level of behavior and to enable functions like log ins.

As we scale, freeQ plans to build the website so we are no longer using Mailchimp, Wix, and google to communicate with you. freeQ will host all the user data we need for connecting with you; and, in this way, we can create even more security for you. freeQ is currently pursuing funding, grants, and sales to move as fast as we are able off these products. (Have funding ideas? Email THANKS!)

Once you verify and purchase a ticket, our website emails you the event links to get onto the freeQ (video tech) system. On the freeQ system, there is no AI installed and no record. Your behavior is not monitored or captured. The video and audio are encrypted so no one outside of the event can observe it. How do we ensure your safety with other attendees since the event is not recorded? freeQ works directly with you, not an algorithm, to make the events safer. The freeQ system is live moderated by your event hosts, and we all uphold our community standards together. If you see something that breaks the standards, reach out to your event hosts in real time. They can chat with you and can create a side room to have a talk. We work together to be safer. Thank you.

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